Electrical Tools

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BroadLink Wi-Fi Smart Plug SP3 Features:It is a Wi-Fi timer that enables you to set timers and ..
200,000 L.L 180,000 L.L -10%
HAY-POWER 3-Way Fire-Proof Power Strip 3 Meters 3250W 13A Universal Extension Socket with 2 USB 2..
263,000 L.L 164,000 L.L -38%
JYC 12V 7A BatteryConstant Voltage ChargeStandby use: 13.6 - 13.8VCycle use: 14.6 - 15VInitial curre..
218,750 L.L 175,000 L.L -20%
Monocrystalline Solar Panels 18V 20W (L51 x W35.5 x T2.5)cmFeatures:Ideal companion for mobile appli..
342,500 L.L 274,000 L.L -20%
Suoer Solar Charge Controller - ST-F1210 MCU ControlSolar charging systemDC LoadsIP67 Waterproo..
168,750 L.L 135,000 L.L -20%
Energizer AA Rechargeable Battery Pack of 4 With the need to replace batteries less frequ..
185,556 L.L 167,000 L.L -10%
Energizer Key Chain With LED Light KR290Life time white LED light20 Hours run time between battery c..
60,000 L.L 30,000 L.L -50%
Kodak 1620 Max Lithium Battery 3V  Pack of 1Brand: KodakModel: 1620Cell Size: 1620Voltage: 3VIdeal f..
11,111 L.L 10,000 L.L -10%
PKCELL AAA NI-MH Rechargeable Batteries 1000mAH 1.2V Features: The rechargeable batte..
75,000 L.L 59,500 L.L -21%
Beston Li-Ion Battery Charger/Car Adapter with Digital DisplayThis Charger can charge up to 8.4V Li-..
186,667 L.L 168,000 L.L -10%
Minwa Rotary Switch Adaptor 3N06GS- 600mAFeatures:High efficiencyAdjustable voltage 3/4.5/5/6/7..
93,333 L.L 84,000 L.L -10%
Beston USB Charger for 9V Batteries - M7005Brand: BestonModel: M7005Charge for 1-2 pcs 9V Li-ion bat..
52,222 L.L 47,000 L.L -10%
Laptop Adapter 12-24V 96Watt With 8 Seperate Connectors Features:Power adapter specially design..
111,111 L.L 100,000 L.L -10%
Automatic Power Voltage Protector With LED Digital Display 3300W Max Load Features: I..
197,000 L.L 157,000 L.L -20%
Switching Power Supply Adapter AC/DC 9V 1.5A Stable performance and high efficiency,..
70,000 L.L 56,000 L.L -20%
Minwa Rotary Switch Adaptor 3R15GS- 1500mAFeatures:High efficiencyAdjustable voltage 3/4.5/5/6/7.5/9..
133,333 L.L 120,000 L.L -10%
Minwa Rotary Switch Adaptor 3R25GS- 2250mAFeatures:High efficiencyIt can convert power into any of t..
176,667 L.L 159,000 L.L -10%
12V Sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery - 7Ah Sealed and maintenance free operation..
213,000 L.L 168,000 L.L -21%
Monocrystalline Solar Panels 18V 30W (L62.5 x W34.5 x T2.5)cm Features: Ideal compani..
490,000 L.L 392,000 L.L -20%
Monocrystalline Solar Panels 18V 50W (L72 x W54 x T3)cm Features: Ideal companion for..
816,250 L.L 653,000 L.L -20%
Monocrystalline Solar Panels 9V 3W (L24 x W14 x T1.7)cmFeatures:Ideal companion for mobile applicati..
115,000 L.L 92,000 L.L -20%
Suncom LR1130/LR54 AG10 Alkaline Battery 1.55V Pack of 10Brand new generic AG10 Alkaline Button Cell..
12,222 L.L 11,000 L.L -10%
Accell LR44/A76 Alkaline Battery 1.5V Pack of 10Brand: AccellModel: Accell -LR44/A76/AG13/357Battery..
14,445 L.L 13,000 L.L -10%
Renata CR2430 Lithium Battery 3VRenata lithium batteries meet the highest quality standards and offe..
30,000 L.L 27,000 L.L -10%