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Sonifer SF-2076 Electric Kettle 1.8..
Sonifer SF-2076 Electric Kettle 1.8L - 1800W Features: Fast boiling water Doubl..
130,000 L.L 88,000 L.L -32%
Sonifer SF-2051 Cordless Electric K..
Sonifer SF-2051 Cordless Electric Kettle 1500W 1.8L with Stainless Steel Wrapped Housing Feat..
87,000 L.L 59,000 L.L -32%
Sonifer SF-5505 Electric Salad Make..
Sonifer SF-5505 Electric Salad Maker & Vegetable Cutting 200W Features: 5 St..
343,000 L.L 167,000 L.L -51%
Sonifer SF-9520 Rotating Waves Cera..
Sonifer SF-9520 Rotating Waves Ceramic Coating Tube Hair Straightener 45W with 2 Temperatures 170..
239,000 L.L 139,000 L.L -42%
Sonifer SF-1002 Stainless Steel Dee..
Sonifer SF-1002 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with 2000W Power 4L Oil Capacity 130-190°C Adjusta..
431,000 L.L 287,000 L.L -33%
Sonifer SF-5521 Fast Double Juicer ..
Sonifer SF-5521 Fast Double Juicer Electric Lemon Orange Fresh Juicer With Anti-drip Valve C..
313,000 L.L 189,000 L.L -40%
Sonifer SF-8047 Multifunction Food ..
Sonifer SF-8047 Multifunction Food Processor 200W 1.2L for Mixing Blending Chopping  Fea..
174,000 L.L 99,000 L.L -43%
Sonifer SF-9047 Cordless Steam Iron..
Sonifer SF-9047 Cordless Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate 2200W Power & 350mL Water Tank Cap..
319,000 L.L 202,000 L.L -37%
Sonifer SF-5517 Electric Cold Press..
Sonifer SF-5517 Electric Cold Press Citrus Juicer 30W Features: Two directions of hea..
151,000 L.L 96,000 L.L -36%
Sonifer SF-8065 Stand Mixer 1300W P..
Sonifer SF-8065 Stand Mixer 1300W Power 5L Stainless Steel Bowl 1Kg Dough Preparation Capacity wi..
963,000 L.L 674,000 L.L -30%
Sonifer SF-9016 Electric Iron Steam..
Sonifer SF-9016 Electric Iron Steamer 350ml 2400W - White Features: No need to strike..
238,000 L.L 163,000 L.L -32%
Sonifer SF-9029 Digital LCD Display..
Sonifer SF-9029 Digital LCD Display Electric Steam Iron 340ml 2400W Featuers: &n..
370,000 L.L 236,000 L.L -36%
Sonifer SF-9509 Pro Hair Dryer 1800..
Sonifer SF-9509 Pro Hair Dryer 1800-2300W with 2 Speed & 3 Heat Settings Features: ..
143,000 L.L 97,000 L.L -32%
Sonifer SF-1004 Stainless Steel Dee..
Sonifer SF-1004 Stainless Steel Deep Fyer 6L 2400W - Silver Features: Crispy food for..
552,000 L.L 406,000 L.L -26%
Sonifer SF-5003 Electrical Meat Gri..
Sonifer SF-5003 Electrical Meat Grinder 1500W Features: 7630 copper (100%) motor ..
507,000 L.L 346,000 L.L -32%
Sonifer SF-2065-4L Stainless Steel ..
Sonifer SF-2065-4L Stainless Steel Electric Thermos Pot 750W 4L - Black Features: ..
512,000 L.L 304,000 L.L -41%
Sonifer SF-3539 Multi-Functional Ca..
Sonifer SF-3539 Multi-Functional Capsule Coffee Machine 1450W 15 Bar 600ml 3-in-1 Coffee Powder- ..
934,000 L.L 604,000 L.L -35%
Sonifer SF-5015 Heavy Duty High Pow..
Sonifer SF-5015 Heavy Duty High Power Aluminium Meat Grinder 3000W Feautres: Easy dis..
1,102,000 L.L 752,000 L.L -32%
Sonifer SF-5011 Heavy Duty Electric..
Sonifer SF-5011 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder 3000W - Black Features: Heavy machin..
876,000 L.L 598,000 L.L -32%
Sonifer SF-2062 Temperature Control..
Sonifer SF-2062 Temperature Control Electric Kettle with Digital Display 1850W 1.7L Features:..
318,000 L.L 220,000 L.L -31%
Sonifer SF-3501 Electrical Coffee P..
Sonifer SF-3501 Electrical Coffee Pot of Power 800W & Chamber Capacity 0.5L Features: ..
141,000 L.L 102,000 L.L -28%
Sonifer SF-2046 Stainless Steel Ele..
Sonifer SF-2046 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 1500W of Capacity 1.8L with Water Temperature Met..
307,000 L.L 182,000 L.L -41%
Sonifer SF-2047 Electric Kettle 150..
Sonifer SF-2047 Electric Kettle 1500W of Capacity 1.8L with Water Temperature Meter Features:..
506,000 L.L 299,000 L.L -41%
Sonifer SF-9523 Facial Sauna Steame..
Sonifer SF-9523 Facial Sauna Steamer Deep Pores Moisturizer & Cleanser 280W Water Capacity 55..
145,000 L.L 110,000 L.L -24%