LDNIO DL-C28 Dual USB Car Charger With Apple Cable - Black

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LDNIO DL-C28 Dual USB Car Charger With Apple Cable - Black

  • In-put voltage 12-24V,support almost all types of cars
  • Intelligent output detection, when you charging phone, the voltage will change to 1A for adaptation
  • Build-in chips, more efficient, more stable current to better protect your device
  • Built-in Micro protection chips, Overheat protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, current limiting protection, short-circuit shutdown etc. functions, provide perfect protection anywhere anytime
  • Dual-USB,can charge two devices at the same time for your more convenient charging
  • Build-in fuse which will be cutted off when overcurrent to avoided short circuit caused by water leakage or other reasons
  • Fast charging for your device
  • Brand : LDNIO
  • Compatible with : Apple/Android
  • Color : Black
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