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Medical Devices

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Anti-Slip Earloop Straps Extension Hooks Face Mask Adjustable Mouth Breathing Mask 4 Adju..
2,862 L.L 2,000 L.L -30%
Unaan YNA-800 Infrared Forehead Non-Contact Thermometer Features: Easy to use, practi..
139,920 L.L 99,000 L.L -29%
Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer Features: Ideal for quickly detecting eleva..
541,236 L.L 119,000 L.L -78%
DT-9826 Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer with 1 Sec Response Time- 32 Memory Records- Fe..
397,659 L.L 155,000 L.L -61%
CANYEARN C01 Medical Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Forehead Thermometer Features: ..
326,109 L.L 139,000 L.L -57%
KWL-W01 Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Digital LCD Display Wrist Sphygmomanometer Feat..
139,920 L.L 99,000 L.L -29%
Joyroom JR-CY306 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 1 Second Quick Temperature Measurement with Fev..
541,236 L.L 199,000 L.L -63%
Lunar Health Pillow- Heat & Massage Treatment for Back Pain Features: Therapeutic..
335,808 L.L 243,906 L.L -27%
Piston Compressor Nebulizer + Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer Health Care Set EMED ..
279,000 L.L 269,000 L.L -4%
Pangao 800B16 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Automatic Monitor Features: Fully aut..
569,379 L.L 398,613 L.L -30%
Portable Mini Ultrasonic Handheld Nebulizer Inhaler Mesh Asthma Facial Steamer Mist Vaporizer YM-..
298,571 L.L 209,000 L.L -30%
Pangao 800B15 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Automatic Monitor  Features: Ful..
457,602 L.L 320,226 L.L -30%
Pangao 800A5 Wrist Blood Pressure Automatic Monitor Features: Fully automati..
305,121 L.L 213,537 L.L -30%
Pangao 800A11 Wrist Blood Pressure Automatic Monitor Features: Fully automat..
427,074 L.L 298,920 L.L -30%
Oximeter Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Pulse Heart Rate Monitor Features: For measuring&nb..
81,090 L.L 66,000 L.L -19%
YX-101 Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP Pulse Gauge Meter Electron..
117,819 L.L 84,270 L.L -28%
EMED A1500 Piston Compressor Nebulizer Features: Perfect against diseases of the uppe..
159,000 L.L 99,000 L.L -38%
PIC SOLUTION AirCube Boiler/Nebulizer with Compressor AirCube is a Class II medical device th..
122,430 L.L 99,000 L.L -19%