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Khayrat Apple Cider Vinegar 250mlAdds a tangy zip to marinades and salad dressingsCan be a great ing..
31,289 L.L 28,160 L.L -10%
Khayrat Apple Cider Vinegar 500mlIt is a popular flavor and texture enhancer in the bakingUse it to ..
47,178 L.L 42,460 L.L -10%
Khayrat Apricot Jam 450gPerfect for your snacks and breakfast mealsExtremely nutritious and have man..
63,311 L.L 56,980 L.L -10%
Khayrat Cherry Jam 450gMake a cherry jam sandwich with white sandwich bread or briocheUse it to make..
65,756 L.L 59,180 L.L -10%
Khayrat Chopped Fig With Sesame 450gMade of fresh and natural ingredientsEnjoy it with on flatbread ..
59,644 L.L 53,680 L.L -10%
Khayrat Eggplant Makdous 1.025KgEnjoy this tasty traditional dishIt is raditionally eaten with fresh..
196,044 L.L 176,440 L.L -10%
Khayrat Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250mlLargely known as one of the best fats you can eatUse it in cooki..
64,289 L.L 57,860 L.L -10%
Khayrat Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mlProvides you with full energyDrizzle it over salad or mix it int..
112,200 L.L 100,980 L.L -10%
Khayrat Green Olives Sliced In Olive Oil 600gEnjoy this delicious oliveProvides positive energy and ..
70,400 L.L 63,360 L.L -10%
Khayrat Green Olives With Lemon Chunks & Green Chili Pepper 1KgA delightful taste of a mixtureSe..
65,022 L.L 58,520 L.L -10%
Khayrat Mixed Pickles 1KgCrunchy vegetable in an aromatic piquant infusionSuitable as a complement t..
45,467 L.L 40,920 L.L -10%
Khayrat Mulberry Jam 450gIt has a good balance of sweet and tart flavorsEat it on breakfast or use i..
63,311 L.L 56,980 L.L -10%
Khayrat Orange Blossom Water 250mlA very fresh taste and a pleasant scentMade of distilled water and..
45,467 L.L 40,920 L.L -10%
Khayrat Orange Blossom Water 500mlA very fresh tasteMade of distilled water and orange blossomsIt is..
77,489 L.L 69,740 L.L -10%
Khayrat Pear Jam 450gEnjoy the sweetness in your mouthSpread it on flatbread with cheese or butterSe..
72,355 L.L 65,120 L.L -10%
Khayrat Pickled Cucumber 1KgDelivers a sheer excitement of flavor to your mouthCommonly used in a va..
53,289 L.L 47,960 L.L -10%
Khayrat Pickled Eggplant 1KgMake a salad with cherry tomatoes, olives, and eggplantServe alongside s..
57,689 L.L 51,920 L.L -10%
Khayrat Pickled Green Chili Pepper 1KgUse it in sauces, dressings, or even your noodle soupsIt helps..
39,844 L.L 35,860 L.L -10%
Khayrat Pickled Wild Cucumber 1KgFeel the crunchiness inside your mouthOffers a slightly sweeter and..
56,956 L.L 51,260 L.L -10%
Khayrat Pomegranate Molasses 250mlHelps strengthen the immune system and lower overall cholesterol l..
99,244 L.L 89,320 L.L -10%
Khayrat Pomegranate Molasses 500mlThis syrup can be used as a condiment or added to various dishes t..
188,222 L.L 169,400 L.L -10%
Khayrat Pumpkin Jam 450gA very tasty jam to add to your breakfastHighly nutritious and particularly ..
57,933 L.L 52,140 L.L -10%
Khayrat Red Chili Pepper Paste 450gUse it in your soups and noodlesAdd it into your favorite dips or..
71,133 L.L 64,020 L.L -10%
Khayrat Red Grape Vinegar 500mlPerfect to add to your dressingsUse it as a garnish for soups and inc..
46,200 L.L 41,580 L.L -10%