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DSP KJ-1002 1L One Press Cone Citrus Juicer 40W Features: One press cone 1L hig..
221,000 L.L 155,000 L.L -30%
DSP KJ1056 Citrus Juicer 1.2L 40W Features: Enjoy health and fresh juice easy to make..
321,000 L.L 225,000 L.L -30%
Sonifer SF-5521 Fast Double Juicer Electric Lemon Orange Fresh Juicer With Anti-drip Valve C..
601,000 L.L 336,000 L.L -44%
Sonifer SF-5520 Juice Extractor 400W  with 450ml Juice Jar & 2 Speed Settings - Stainles..
802,000 L.L 559,000 L.L -30%
Sonifer SF-5516 Stainless Steel 2 Speed High Power Juicer 800W Features: European int..
1,198,000 L.L 835,000 L.L -30%
Sonifer in Red: Sonifer Fast Electric Double Juicer with Anti-drip Valve Citrus Fruits Squeezer 0..
969,010 L.L 645,000 L.L -33%
Daewoo DI8087 Electric Juice Extractor 250W  Adjustable speed contro..
625,000 L.L 500,000 L.L -20%
Moulinex PC105131 Electric Juicer - White - 25W Features: With the new Moulinex Acces..
395,000 L.L
Philips HR1836/05 Drip Stop Function Juice Extractor 1.5L 500W Features: With on..
2,198,880 L.L 1,879,000 L.L -15%
Philips HR1925/20 QuickClean 2 Speeds Avance Collection Juicer with XXl Feeding Tube Citrus ..
6,102,000 L.L 4,712,000 L.L -23%
Sonifer SF-5523 Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer 300W Enjoy healthy and fresh grapefruit, o..
686,000 L.L 478,000 L.L -30%
Sonifer SF-5522 Electric Juicer 2-Speed + Pulse Juice Extractor 400W with 1L Pulp Container ..
683,000 L.L 476,000 L.L -30%