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DSP KB2070 Deep Fryer 3L 2200W Features: Deep airfryer wit 3L capacity Adjustab..
340,896 L.L 239,454 L.L -30%
DSP KB2029 Classical Edition High Speed Large Capacity Air Fryer 12L 1700W Features: ..
962,745 L.L 674,637 L.L -30%
DSP KB2062 Air Fryer 2.5L 1000W Features: High power and capacity air fryer Hig..
432,321 L.L 301,464 L.L -30%
Westinghouse WKAF988 Air Fryer 2.2L Capacity 1400 Watt Features: Hot air circulation ..
1,241,472 L.L 869,094 L.L -30%
DSP KB2020A Air Health Fryer 1350W Power 2.6L Capacity Features: A healthy way to fry..
581,940 L.L 406,722 L.L -30%