SHILIK SLK-588C-2 Fujian Electronics Combined Type Massage Cushion

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SHILIK SLK-588C-2 Fujian Electronics Combined Type Massage Cushion 

  • Shilk massage with oscillation and 3 selective massage programs: full back, upper back, lower back
  • Vibration massage on seat with 3 selective intensities: low, medium, high
  • Timer: 3 selective massage times, 5, 10, 15 minutes
  •  Comfortable headrest pillow raises your head into a comfortable position
  • Each set of kneading balls imitates a hand fist with its thumb, traveling up and down around spine
  • A real innovation based on the experience of professional therapists and medical practitioners
  • With rolling and kneading movements, the professional masseur releases the tension, stiffness and deep-seated cramp in the back muscles
  • With soothing heat therapy, it helps enhance tissue relaxing by the rotating and up and down movement of the massage heads
  • The surface hardening and tension are being released
  • Package Dimensions: (77 x 44 x 20)cm
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