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Reyad el Solh street, City complex, GF

Tripoli Lebanon 

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What is ishtari.com?

Ishtari.com is a specialized online shopping portal.

Ishtari is considered a unique yet un-preceded idea in the e-shopping domain in Lebanon regardless the wide spread of e-shopping in Europe and USA as a convenient approach to purchase goods and accessories online with a peace of mind. The website offers quit a wide range of products organized in categories to ease navigation and selection process. The purchase experience is completely safe and convenient.


Our message

Our goal is to disseminate the e-shopping ideology amongst our regional customers as a modern approach for purchasing goods and to establish trust-ties between us by providing:


Safe shopping

Cash on Delivery (CoD) stands out as one of the safest relationships between sellers and buyers. We understand e-buyers concerns and decided to act accordingly. Customers pay upon delivery after inspecting the purchased products if they are satisfied with what they ordered.


Quality and cost saving

We are determined to establish the optimum balance between price and quality for our products so you can spend your money effectively. This necessitates careful and accurate description of our online products to eliminate unintended deception.