iBaby Little Lamb Infant Seat (Max 11.3Kg)

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iBaby Little Lamb Infant Seat  (Max 11.3Kg)

  • Use from infant to toddler (up to 11.3kg)
  • Convenient feeding and playing or resting space for baby
  • Switch on calming vibrations to help soothe and comfort
  • Overhead mirror dome and jingle bell lamb delight and engage baby
  • For naptime, you can switch on calming vibrations. 
  • Help sooth and entertain the baby with calming vibrations, a comfy seat and overhead toys
  • This sleek looking bouncer seat is super soft and comfortable, with calming vibration to help sooth baby. 
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Three point restraint holds baby securely in place
  • Modern, Non skid design


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