ZSW PureLife Kitchen Water Faucet Level 5 Household Purifier

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ZSW PureLife Kitchen Water Faucet  Level 5 Household Purifier

  • Natural diatoms ceramics, filtration accuracy of 0.1 microns

  • The barrier large particulate matter can be repeatedly cleaned

  • Coconut Shell activated carbon: efficient absorption of odor, other chemical pollutants and other toxic substances

  • Mineralization ball / medical stone: can relieve residual chlorine in water, improve the body's physiological functions

  • Regulate both water pH characteristics, stable quality suitable for the human body

  • Nano-silver antibacterial ball: adsorption of micro-organisms

  • 99% for domestic faucet home kitchen and sanitary room use

  • 4 filtration systems for different water quality

  • Using two kinds of filter catridges for users to chose

  • Non presure design, no leakage accident


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